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  • Russell Chemicals Technology Co.,Ltd is a new-tech research and development enterprise dedicated to providing high-value-added auxiliaries,such as photoinitiators monomers and oligomers, UV absorbers and pharmaceutical intermediates.

    Our major photoinitiator products are TPO,TPO-L,DETX,819,907,OMBB, 184, ITX, BMS, etc., which are generally used in Ultraviolet (UV) curing technology, such as UV coating, UV ink and etch resists for Print Circuit Board (PCB). It enables wood coatings, leather ink, silk-screen ink and PCB insulating paint to cure rapidly under the irradiation of the UV light with certain wavelength, thus provides an environmental friendly technology with less volatile organic compounds release.

    We strictly control all process according to the ISO 9001 from research, purchase, production and transportat  Click for details>>

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